We are a Colombian company from Antioquia, dedicated to the elaboration of female underwear and the production of cup used in corsetry.

¿About us?

We are a company that operates with responsibility and respect through quality in all our processes, we have a competent and committed human team, providing the best alternatives for our customers and consumers, contributing to the labor growth of small and medium enterprises, with productive processes where you can use raw materials and supplies that do not harm the environment. We currently have a production plant, with a trained staff with the experience gained during the more than 7 years that we have been in the market, each one aware of the importance to produce products with good quality. Our work was initially focused on the wholesale system, but since 2011 we started with the direct sales channel the complete package model, which has allowed us to reach a growing market inside and outside our country.


Provide the final user with solutions in the cups used in corsetry, as in the Female Underwear, through innovative designs that result in quality clothing in the shortest possible time and with highly competitive prices, thus generating added value to our products.


In 2020, PRE-INTIMO S.A.S. will be a competitive and efficient company in the production and commercialization of its products, with a clear perspective in increasing and consolidating the company as a leading provider in the direct sales business under the full package model.


Our values influence how we work and interact with our collaborators, as well as how we relate to our clients; In order to meet the specific needs of each of them. Our values are: Ethics, Respect, Commitment, Service and Teamwork.

Social work

Committed to our

country’s society

In Preintimo SAS we are committed to the social and economic development of our country, we implement a labor linkage policy through which we select female heads of household and vulnerable members of the population to work with us, thus giving them the opportunity to grow both in the professional field, as in the personal; our motivation is to see how day by day we contribute to improve the lives of those people, which is reflected in the quality of our products and the progress of Colombian society.


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Tel: +57 (4) 2729054

Calle 60 # 58 - 47 Barrio Buenos Aires
Bello - Antioquia, Colombia


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